Welcome to Indianapolis, Indy. This is an up and coming city made more famous by Peyton Manning and the Indiannapolis Colts. Indianapolis is a great vacation and sports tourism experience, a real Midwest American city.

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    Indiana Universities: Butler, Purdue, IUB

    Butler University, located on 290 acres in the Butler-Tarkington area of Indianapolis, opened in 1855 with five teachers and 113 students. Founded by Ovid Butler, an attorney and abolitionist, it was originally named North Western Christian University. Several important milestones were reached in its history including the first in Indiana to admit women, first to […]

    500 Festival

    The month of May in Indianapolis is a time for celebration of the Indy 500 Mile Race, the largest single-day sporting event in the country. From a small beginning and the idea of four businessmen in 1957, the 500 Festival has become one of the largest in the country, bringing together people from across the […]

    Central Canal and White River State Park

    The Central Canal began with the 1836 Internal Improvements Act, as a project when man-made waterways were the main means of transporting goods. After the railroads came along, the Central Canal was never completed and seldom used, and as a result, it was abandoned in 1969. By 1980, however, steps were taken to refurbish the […]

    Indianapolis Museum of Art

    The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), located at the corner of 38th Street and Michigan Road, is one of the oldest in the U.S., and the 7th largest in terms of general art collections. Founded in 1883 as the Art Association of Indianapolis, it was renamed in 1970, when moved to its present location. Among […]

    NCAA Hall of Champions

    The NCAA Hall of Champions, located at 700 West Washington Street beside the Central Canal of White River State Park, opened in downtown Indianapolis in 2000. Designed by architect Michael Graves, the 25,000 square foot Hall pays tribute to former NCAA greats through the years, from the earliest athletes and champions of the 1921 Track […]

    Circle City Classic

    The Circle City Classic, sponsored by the Indiana Sports Corporation and the Indiana Black Expo Inc., is held every year in downtown Indianapolis. Based on the inspiration of one man, the Rev. Charles Williams, this unique event focuses on African American economic status, growth, and achievement through the years. Today, it is a major attraction, […]

    Indiana Avenue: free family entertainment

    Indiana Avenue, a historic area in downtown Indianapolis, was home to much of the African American population in the early 1800’s. One of six cultural districts in the city, it encompasses an area between the Central Canal and White River and includes the Indiana University Purdue University campus. After the Civil War, craftspeople, entertainers, and […]

    Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the largest Children’s museum in the world

    The Children’s Museum was founded by Mrs. John Carey and three other women from Indianapolis in 1925. The early acquisitions, given by children from various ethnic groups, were housed in an old carriage house near 14th Street and Delaware. One year later the collections were moved to Garfield Park Shelter House and from there to […]

    The Wholesale District

    The Wholesale District, one of six cultural districts in Indianapolis, is located between Maryland and South and Illinois and Delaware Streets. In 1863, August and Henry Schnull, recognizing the potential profit to be gained with the proximity of Union Station, built the first wholesale house on the corner of S. Meridian and W. Maryland Street. […]

    Massachusetts Avenue & Indy Fringe Festival

    Massachusetts Avenue, one of the four original diagonal streets designed in 1821, runs northeast from Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. The area prospered from 1870 to 1930 as a commercial service-oriented district, aided by streetcar lines and improved inter-urban transportation. The influx of German immigrants to the area prompted Bernard Vonnegut (grandfather of the author […]

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